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Google Local Services Ads Management by Major League Design

Google Local Services Ads

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, reaching local leads and increasing foot traffic are paramount for business success. Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) have emerged as a powerful tool to achieve these goals, and effective management is crucial for maximizing their potential. Major League Design offers comprehensive LSA management services, guiding businesses through the intricacies of these ads. Let’s explore the key aspects of Google Local Services Ads and how Major League Design, with a focus on serving clients in New Jersey, can simplify the management process.

What Are Google Local Services Ads?

More than half of online searchers visit a store within a day of conducting a search, making local visibility crucial for businesses. Google Local Services Ads allow businesses to appear at the top of search results when locals search online. These ads provide an opportunity to:

  • Connect with locals most likely to book services.
  • Build trust with the Google Guarantee.
  • Only pay for leads interested in specific services.

Major League Design’s specialists provide stress-free ad management services, ensuring businesses get the most out of their Google Local Services Ads. Whether you’re looking to increase visibility, build trust, or drive conversions, Major League Design has you covered.

Plans & Pricing: Google Local Services Ads Management

Major League Design’s Google Local Services Ad management plans are designed to cater to diverse business needs. The key components of these plans include:

1. Voice Search Optimization

As voice searches are projected to account for more than half of all online searches by 2024, optimizing ad content for voice search is imperative. Major League Design’s Local Services ad management plans include voice search optimization to help businesses connect with more qualified leads.

2. Budget Management

Paid ad specialists at Major League Design collaborate with businesses to maximize ad spend and achieve unique business goals. The aim is to make the ad process stress-free, ensuring businesses get the highest return on investment (ROI) without exceeding campaign budgets.

3. Review Solicitation

Major League Design’s ad management plans include review solicitation through the Google Local Services platform. Leveraging reviews from consumers, businesses can increase foot traffic and gain the social proof needed to boost leads and revenue.

4. Custom Reporting

Major League Design offers custom ad reporting, providing businesses with transparency into their ad performance. Monthly reporting is included in basic plans, with options to upgrade for automatic monthly cloud updates.

5. Dedicated Local Marketing Expert

With 25 years of experience, Major League Design provides businesses access to a dedicated local marketing expert. These experts leverage industry-leading expertise to drive relevant leads, conversions, and revenue for local businesses.

6. Geographic Targeting

Major League Design’s ad management solutions feature advanced geographic targeting, helping businesses reach ideal customers in profitable zones near their locations. This helps maximize ad budgets and connect with the most valuable local customers.

Serving Clients in New Jersey

Major League Design is committed to assisting businesses in New Jersey in their local advertising endeavors. With a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, Major League Design tailors its Google Local Services Ad management services to align with the unique needs of businesses in New Jersey. Whether you operate in Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, or any other city in the state, Major League Design’s expertise ensures that your ads resonate with the local audience.

What Are Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads help businesses connect with local individuals searching for their services. These ads appear at the top of search results and operate similarly to pay-per-click (PPC) ads. When users search for a local service, they generate a list of local businesses offering that service, with Google Local Services Ads prominently displayed at the top.

These ads, available on mobile, tablet, and desktop, are not meant to replace traditional search ads. Instead, they prioritize Google-verified businesses to help people find trustworthy services first. Currently, Google Local Services Ads are prevalent in industries such as locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, and more, mainly in larger metro cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The Google Guarantee Badge

A notable feature of Google Local Services Ads is the Google Guarantee badge. This badge helps businesses build a strong reputation with their audience. To earn this badge, businesses must pass Google’s background check and have their license and insurance details verified. The Google Guarantee provides coverage, with Google refunding customers up to $2000 if they are not satisfied with the quality of a company’s work.

This coverage, however, is specific to the quality of the project and has certain limitations. It does not cover future projects, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, or cancellations. The Google Guarantee badge serves as a trust signal, assuring customers that Google backs the business in case of any issues.

Google Local Services Application Process and Guidelines

If businesses are ready to leverage Google Local Services Ads, Major League Design provides assistance through a five-step process:

1. Confirm Eligibility

Businesses must verify their eligibility for Google Local Services Ads, as this feature is restricted to specific industries in certain cities. Eligibility can be confirmed on Google’s Local Services sign-up page.

2. Create a Business Profile

Creating a comprehensive business profile is crucial, as it determines where ads will appear in search results. Major League Design assists in applying, setting up, and optimizing business profiles, ensuring accuracy and honesty about the services offered.

3. Add License and Insurance Details

Google only allows legitimate companies to have Local Services Ads. Uploading accurate and up-to-date license and insurance information is a requirement for approval.

4. Set Budget

Similar to PPC, Google Local Services Ads operate on a budget. Businesses need to set a monthly budget based on the number of customers they want to receive. Importantly, businesses only pay when customers call or message them.

5. Follow Up with Leads

After launching ads, businesses start receiving leads. Following up on these leads through messaging, calls, or declines is crucial. Major League Design, as an ad partner, monitors lead flows and controls budgets to optimize results.

7 Benefits of Using Google Local Services Ads

Businesses can reap numerous benefits by utilizing Google Local Services Ads, including:

  1. Reaching More Valuable Leads: These ads drive valuable leads, and people are more inclined to book businesses featured in Google’s local ads.
  2. Tracking Appointments: It’s easy to track appointments, and businesses can pause ads when fully booked and resume them when business slows down.
  3. Being Seen First: Google Local Services Ads appear at the top of results, ensuring businesses are seen first, giving them an edge over competitors.
  4. Building Trust: The Google Guarantee builds confidence in businesses, extending its impact beyond the ads themselves.
  5. Paying for Valid Leads Only: Businesses are only charged for leads that show genuine interest, whether through calls, messages, or emails.
  6. Reaching More Voice Search Customers: With the increasing prevalence of voice searches, having Google Local Services Ads makes businesses more visible to voice search customers.
  7. Minimum Maintenance: These ads don’t require extensive keyword research or ad testing, as Google automatically triggers ads based on user searches.

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